Why Pornstar Snapchat Accounts Are Better Than Porn

One statistic you may have heard being thrown around is that around 30% of all internet traffic is used for seeking out and sharing pornography.

Now, while 30% might be a little exaggerated (the actual figure is closer to 10%), this is still an incredible statistic. However, when we dig a little deeper into the numbers, we find that most porn viewers aren’t visiting official websites of stars of purchasing the professional videos. Instead, we find that the majority of traffic is to personal social media accounts like Snapchat.

Snapchat has become something of a haven for pornstars to sell themselves on, and consumers are flogging to them by the millions. But what is it that makes pornstar Snapchat accounts, like those found on TrueSnaps, better then regular porn?


The reason why pornstar’s Snapchat accounts are much more active than their official websites is because it’s a lot less effort. Imagine how long it takes to film, edit, upload and advertise a 30-minute film on a website, then compare that with a quick 10-second Snapchat clip which is filmed and instantly uploaded to millions of people?

If you’re lucky, your favorite pornstar will release a new official video once every two weeks. So, when compared with Snapchat’s daily updates, it’s not difficult to see why people choose this instead. It’s make the creating and consuming of explicit content much easier for both parties.

They’re more intimate

It’s no secret that a lot of professional porn videos follow a basic format. There’s usually some unrealistic storyline, followed by bad acting, and then going through the tried-and-tested sex positions. That’s it. By now, we’ve all become pretty bored of the formula.

By contrast, Snapchat content is short and to-the-point. It features real life women in real life scenarios, showing off their sexy selves without any kind of overproduction or forced acting involved. Snapchat allows pornstars to show off their true colors, which a lot of their fans find much sexier than a director telling them how to act and how loud to scream.

Private shows

Camming is a huge part of the porn business. Even high profile stars like Jayden James and Madison Ivy will do the occasional cam show in order to provide themselves more revenue. With Snapchat’s ease of reaching millions of people every day, it’s no surprise that pornstars have found a way to capitalize on this.

Quite often pornstars will post a link to an exclusive cam session with them which is only available to their Snapchat followers – usually done as a gesture of thanks to their paying fans. While it require using an outside program to view the camshow, it will still be exclusive content only targeted towards Snapchat users.

Personalized interaction

When it comes to professional porn, it’s usually a case of you simply pressing play and consuming whatever the content happens to be. However, Snapchat allows a level of involvement which traditional porn isn’t able to provide.

If you have access to a star’s exclusive content, sending a message to them will usually yield a response. By the same token, it allows you to make requests from your star which they’re usually more than happy to oblige with, given how simple it is to create Snapchat content.

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