About Me

Hello everyone! My name is Steven and I am an engineer and I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona. I have been building robots for about 10 years now and it never gets easier and it never gets old! I know a lot of people who wanted me to give some more insight aboutĀ building robots and how our technology is evolving with time so I decided to create a blog and post some information on here so not only they can read it, but so can others! I have always been fascinated with technology and with how things are created from scratch. It always blew my mind that humans can build something so advanced and amazing from scratch. I wanted to grow up and be able to do that myself. I think it is important to find a passion and career that is constantly testing your abilities and knowledge. I am constantly trying to problem solve and learn from my mistakes. Failure is the beauty of it. You are going to fail multiple of times but that just means you need to figure out what you did wrong and learn from it. I hope you guys enjoy my blog and learn some information from it. Thank you for reading.