Top 3 Coolest Robots In The World

3.) Zoomer Robot Dog

It is the robot with love in its eyes. Sony came out with its very own adorable Aibo robot dog so that all its buyers were left scratching their heads thinking about what could possibly replace this electronic canine. Out of nowhere, Zoomer caught our eyes, an automated dog, from Spin Master that transports itself by its wheels as opposed to paws. Retailing for around 75 bucks, Zoomer is a hella less expensive than the Aibo ever could be. However, it’s missing some of the elements of Sony’s very own android growler. However, aside from all that, Zoomer is still able to learn how to react to any specific voice commands. He’s also able to do so in three different languages and he can also do some tricks, like playing dead and ‘shaking hands’. When left to meander on its own, it will joyfully buzz around on its little wittle wheel-paws and bark like a real dog. This may sound like it gets pretty darn annoying however it is possible that this toy could keep the easily distracted entertained for hours.

2.) Mopet Robot Mop

We can probably manage all of the hoovering, especially when there exist some serious seriously technologically advanced vacuum cleaners that are currently on sale, however, every now and then the consumer just can’t be exhausted by the whole with the procedures that come with this machine And that is exactly why people love finding out about the Mopet, a $35 dollar electronic duster that zips around a home sweeping up all of the dust and pollen for anywhere from one to six hours in a fashion that can be explained as delightful, to say the least.Its tiny size ensures that it can most certainly get right into most of those nooks and crannies, however, the question is whether it is able to squeeze its way back out or not. Also, the famous Mopet contains its own tray of different scents and a particular pad that spritzes delightful aromas as it moves on with its sweeping. What’s more, could you ask for? The Mopet is basically a human maid. Even though it probably won’t ever earn any huge awards for engineering or electronics, however when it omits the need to worry about sweeping while being at a reasonably low cost, you won’t hear any of your friends talking smack on this sweeping and cleaning nice smelling robot.

1.) Pepper

Pepper goes for what is known to be affordable in the world of non-industrial or experimental robots with a whopping cost of around $1,600 with an additional $250 per month for cloud subscription and maintenance fees. However, those who have the cash to dish out for a robot, especially if they’re running a business where owning a robotic assistant is super convenient, could end up with a robot that is quite intelligent. Pepper is a joint effort of an invention that was created by Aldebaran and Japanese comms company SoftBank. The robot kind of looks like a subtly terrifying bicentennial child. It moves and operates in an oddly life-like manner run by its 25 activators.

To see some other cool robots, watch the video below!