2010 BotPrize contest

The third BotPrize contest was held at the IT UNiversity of Copenhagen, Denmark on 20 August 2010, as part of the 2010 IEEE Symposium on Computational Intelligence and Games. The aim of the contest was to see if a computer game playing bot could convince a panel of expert judges that it was actually a human player.


Though no bot was able to take the major prize, the winning bot was Conscious-Robots by the team from Carlos III University in Madrid. The best judge was Gordon Calleja, head of the Centre for Computer Games Research at the IT University of Copenhagen.

As in previous competitions, the most human bot is not as human as the least "human" human player, but the gap is now small. There were also some "Epic" bots in the mix (UT2004's built-in bots). These bots have some extra advantages as they have access to more game information, and they achieved a humanness rating of 35.3982 %.

Complete data from the final games is available in MySQL form here or in Excel form here.

UT2004 demo files of (most of) the final games are available. To replay them, you will need a UT2004 client, and you will need to install some maps, and the mod. Unzip and copy the files and folders from combined and mod2010 into your UT2004 folder. Here are the demo files: Round 1, Round 2 (lost), Round 3 (lost), Round 4, Round 5, Round 6, Round 7, Round 8, Round 9, Round 10 (lost), Round 11, Round 12. These go in the Demos folder of your UT2004 installation after unzipping.

Humanness results

Most human bots

bot name team affiliation humanness %
Raul Arrabales
Jorge Muñoz
Carlos III University, Madrid 31.8182 %
Igor Karpov
Jacob Schrum
Risto Miikulainen
University of Texas, Austin 27.2727 %
Akihiro Kojima
Daichi Hirono
Takumi Sato
Seiji Murakami
Ruck Thawonmas
Intelligent Computer Entertainment Lab.
Ritsumeikan University, Japan
23.3333 %
Casey Rosenthal
Clare Bates Congdon
University of Southern Maine 17.7778 %
Daniel Büscher
Matthias Gorzellik
Jannis Seyfried
Björn Witt
Institut für Informatik
Albert-Ludwigs Universität
Freiburg, Deutschland
9.3023 %

Most human humans

player affiliation humanness %
Mads Frost
IT University
80.0000 %
Simon and Will Lucas University of Essex 59.0909 %
Ben Weber UC Santa Cruz 48.2759 %
Nicola Beume TU Dortmund University 47.0588 %
Minh Tran Edith Cowan University 42.3077 %
Gordon Calleja
IT University
38.0952 %
Mike Preuss TU Dortmund University 35.4839 %

Judging results

Best bot judges

bot name accuracy %
Discordia 54.8387 %
w00t 53.8462 %
UT^2 45.7447 %

Best human judges

player accuracy %
Gordon Calleja 78.5714 %
Nicola Beume 67.2131 %
Minh Tran 64.2857 %
Ben Weber 64.0845 %
Mike Preuss 59.7015 %
Mads Frost 57.6923 %
Simon and Will Lucas 54.7945 %